Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy sets forth how Oaktree Capital Management, L.P., its corporate affiliates, and the investment funds under their management (referred to herein collectively as “Oaktree” or “we”) collect and process personal information about you. We are providing this Privacy Policy to you to satisfy disclosure requirements required under data protection and privacy regulations adopted by regulatory authorities in the jurisdictions in which Oaktree conducts business. These regulations require that Oaktree (as a data controller) ensure that you understand how we collect, use, process and share your personal information. Please note that certain of these disclosures may not apply to you.

This Privacy Policy applies to visitors to this website (the “Site”), including job applicants, as well as visitors to our offices, individuals who call Oaktree personnel in certain of our offices, third-party service providers, vendors and suppliers, business contacts and prospective clients and investors. Because Oaktree provides separate privacy notices to its current clients, investors, staff members, and job applicants, information regarding these categories of individuals is not included here. If you provide personal information to us about any person other than yourself, you must ensure that the other person understands how their information will be used. You may only provide us with that person's details with their consent and after they have been given access to information about how we will use their details, including the purposes set out in this Privacy Policy.

If you visit this website, you should review this Privacy Policy carefully and in conjunction with the Terms and Conditions of the Site, which detail other important information surrounding your use of the Site.

This Privacy Policy was last updated on January 1, 2023.