Listed Equities

Our listed equities strategies seek to invest in undervalued stocks in specific regions.

By coupling fundamental analysis with in-depth country and industry knowledge, we look to uncover stocks trading at a discount to their intrinsic value. We believe our superior knowledge allows us to identify attractive investment opportunities while limiting downside risk.

We believe the inefficiencies inherent in emerging markets present experienced managers with an opportunity to increase value for their investors.”
Frank Carroll
Portfolio Manager, Emerging Markets Equities

Emerging Markets Equities

We believe inefficiencies in emerging markets result in companies that are often poorly analyzed and securities that are commonly mispriced. In our emerging markets equity strategies, we seek to earn attractive returns in equity positions by leveraging our team’s global presence; utilizing a bottom-up, value-driven approach; and applying our in-depth country and industry knowledge that also takes into consideration macroeconomic and market conditions.

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Value Equities

Our value equities strategies seek to identify sound but undervalued companies trading at sizeable discounts that have substantial asset values and strong business franchises. In these strategies we seek to make investments in equity and equity-related securities in various regions, employing a bottom-up, value-oriented investment approach and collaborating with other Oaktree teams for additional industry and analytical insights.

Portfolio Managers

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