Private Equity

Our private equity strategies focus on a broad range of regions and market sectors, and they combine traditional private equity and special situation opportunities.

Using a flexible and opportunistic approach, we invest in companies we believe to be undervalued. We seek to enhance value through key strategic and tactical initiatives, including rightsizing capital structures, streamlining operations, improving core businesses, and creating new platforms for growth. Our teams leverage deep sector knowledge and extensive proprietary networks to gain superior access to deal flow, and they reflect Oaktree’s emphasis on risk control and downside protection.

Our flexible, opportunistic approach to investing gives us what we believe to be a pronounced strategic advantage."
Bruce Karsh
Chief Investment Officer

Corporate Private Equity

Our corporate private equity strategies focus on making control investments in undervalued companies across a variety of industries and sectors. In certain cases, our corporate private equity strategies also pursue platform investments in industries that are out of favor or undergoing structural change.

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Power Opportunities

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Power Opportunities

Special Situations

Our Special Situations strategy utilizes a highly flexible approach to make control or significant-influence-oriented private equity and debt investments in middle-market companies experiencing a special situation. The all-weather strategy combines expertise in both credit and private equity investing and seeks to generate private equity returns while taking less than commensurate risk. The strategy targets investments with significant upside potential and meaningful downside protection and looks to partner with management to add-value by improving both operations and capital structure.

Current and past portfolio companies

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